Meet the Cast: The Crucible

Arthur Miller’s Tony Award-winning masterpiece, The Crucible, outlines the events of the Salem Witch Trials, which turned neighbor against neighbor in 17th century Massachusetts. Originally written as an allegory for 1950s McCarthyism and the House Committee on Un-American Activities, which accused thousands of Americans of being communists or communist sympathizers.

Featuring Nyles Washington (John Proctor), Rama Tchuente (Elizabeth Proctor) and Audrey Gerthoffer (Abigail Williams), along with Ismael Vallejo (Revered Parris), Milly Rangel (Betty Parris), Taylor Courtney (Tituba), Mireya Luna (Susanna Walcott), Audrey Loomis (Ann Putnam), Sam Kerner (Thomas Putnam), Darlesia Carter (Mercy Lewis), Laura Valdez-Oranday (Mary Warren), Ellie Dubin (Rebecca Nurse), Miles Agee (Giles Corey), Kat Lozano (Reverend Hale), Lauren Weik (Francis Burroughs, Sarah Good), Anthony Timberman (Ezekiel Cheever), Austin Greenawalt (Marshall Herrick), Hope Higgins (Jude Hathorne), Luke Daniels (Deputy Governor Danforth) and Sultan Abboushi and Isaac Kresta (Deputies).

Under the direction of Michael Fry, The Crucible features the design work of Zoe Andersen (Scenic Design), Ben Campbell (Sound Design), Aaron Kubacak (Costume Design) and Mercedes McCleary (Lighting Design). This production also features the work of Laura Baggs (Dramaturg), W. Scott Bussey (Technical Director), Stephanie Kent (Community Engagement Coordinator), Adam Miller-Batteau (Fight Choreographer) and Jackie Perez (Stage Manager).

This production of The Crucible would not be possible without the extraordinary talents of co-directors Robert Ramirez and Jess Shoemaker who guided the production through the final weeks to opening night. The Department of Theatre and Dance is very grateful for their extraordinary contributions.

The Crucible will be on stage at the Oscar G. Brockett Theatre November 8-19, 2017. Details about preview performances, ticketing and directions can be found here.