Meet the Cast: Anon(ymous)

Anon(ymous), based on Homer’s The Odyssey, tells the story of a young refugee called Anon journeys through the United States, encountering a wide variety of people – some kind, some dangerous and cruel – as he searches for his family. The Anon(ymous) cast features some familiar faces, along with some new to the Texas Theatre and Dance stage.

Cast members anonymous

Teddy Santiesteban (Anon), Tiffany Thomas (Nemasani), Jade Jackson (Naja/Chorus), William Kachi (Pascal/Chorus), Jose A. Figueroa (Ali/Ignacio/Chorus), Ximena Alvarez (Nasreen/Belen/Sewing Lady/Chorus), Annemarie Alaniz (Ritu/Sewing Lady/Chorus), Ariane Stier (Sereza/Sewing Lady/Chorus), Austin Hille (Senator Laius/Mr. Zyclo/Nice American Father/Barfly/Chorus), Caroline Beagles (Mrs. Laius/Bird/Nice American Mother/Chorus), Jesse Wormington (Mr. Mackus/Strygal/Chorus) and Elise Martin (Calista/Nice American Mother/Barfly/Chorus) bring Naomi Iisuka’s twist on the Odyssey to life October 4-15, 2017.

Directed by Sam Provenzano, Anon(ymous) features design work by Iman Corbani (Scenic Design), Alex Gendel (Projection Design), Alex Hanna (Lighting Design), Lirit Pendell (Costume Design) and Peter Stopschinski (Sound Design). Also featuring the work of Jason Huerta (Technical Director), Khristián Méndez Aguirre (Dramaturg), Adam Miller-Bateau (Fight Choreography), Alaina Monts (Dramaturg), Kate Proietti (Community Engagement Coordinator) and Joshua Secor (Stage Manager).

Anon(ymous) will be on stage at the Oscar G. Brockett Theatre October 4-15, 2017. Details about preview performances, ticketing and directions can be found here.