Off Book: A Theatre and Dance Blog

Welcome to Off Book: A Theatre and Dance Blog, where we will focus on the the inner-workings of the Department of Theatre and Dance at The University of Texas at Austin. Here, we will discuss both what goes on the stage and what goes on behind-the-scenes in an effort to create new, innovative works of performing arts.

dancers running in front of green screen

“Bodies & Souls” Photo: Lawrence Peart (2016)

The Department of Theatre and Dance prides itself on creating both new and exciting works of performance-based art and valuable academic pedagogy. This is done through creative works for the stage, as well as the research, design, practice and creativity that goes on beyond what the audience sees.

Off Book aims to reach out to our theatre and dance community in order to present those inspirations, ideas and experiences to the larger world stage. Highlights will include a look backstage at the creation, development, design and performance of performance; exploration of our degrees, students, faculty and programs; the historical and cultural impact of productions and more.


Featured image: “Mad & A Goat” (The Cohen New Works Festival) Photo: Lawrence Peart (2015)